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Stadt Neuffen Kugelmühle der Albtrauf Therme Beuren Gruorn lebt weiter Stadt Nürtingen


Although we want you to feel comfortable in our hotel, we don't want to withhold you the following tips for trips and excursions:


In the immediate vicinity of the hotel you can immerse yourself in the historic ambience of the lively small town Neuffen.

Relaxation and recuperation you find in one of the finest health spas in southern Germany, the Panoramatherme Beuren. Also in Beuren you find the open-air museum, Freilichtmuseum, where you can experience the village life of the past.

Nürtingen is the town of the "three Hs" - Hölderlin, Härtling and Harald Schmidt.

In Metzingen, the town of "Sieben Keltern" (seven wine presses) and germanys biggest outlet center, is a combination of historical attractions and bargains paradise.

On the Burg Hohenneuffen it may well happen that in the moat a revival takes place of the early days, including thrilling sword fights.

How arise balls made from local Jura-marble by water? The answer you find in the Kugelmühle Neidlingen. The emergence of a ball can be seen here live.

A memorable historical action offers the complete evacuation of the village Gruorn because of the enlargement of the military training grounds in Münsingen.

If you want to explore the state capital Stuttgart with its stunning art and cultural activities, we advise to use the P+R car park service "Albstrasse" in Degerloch.

An overview of the "Albtrauf" with its many hiking -, biking - and leisure facilities you find on here.


As you see, it's worth to visit us!



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